Trixie Blu – Blonde, pierced and horny

Blonde, pierced and lustful

Blonde, pierced and horny

The people who know Trixie Blu back home wouldn’t be surprised to watch Trixie here, showing off her gracious, exposed body, widening her legs, having sex with strangers.

“Everybody picks up on my sexuality glamorous quickly,” Trixie said. “I have a co-worker who I got to be beautiful wonderful allies with, and I said him that my hubby and I were swingers, and this buck told, ‘I know.’ This Lothario had already figured it out by the things I’d told about going out and just my presence.”

On the one hand, this babe is a Mom. On the other hand…”I have always shoved the limits sexually,” that babe told.

Let’s get to know Trixie.

40something: How often do you have sex?
TRIXIE: At least once a day. Sometimes more if I can.

40 something: Is being here the wildest thing you have ever done sexually?
TRIXIE: It depends on your idea of wild. We one time had sex on a trampoline in the backyard where all the neighbors could watch us.

40something: Did they see u?
TRIXIE: They get to have, but nobody said anything.

40 something: What do you love to do in your free time?
TRIXIE: Go lap dancing. Hang out with friends. Swing. Have sex.

40 something: We’re back to sex anew, aren’t we?
TRIXIE: Yeah. It is just about my prefered thing to do.

40 something: U mentioned that the first time u were with a large, dark jock, u had a stiff time getting your throat around it. Have u gotten better at that?
TRIXIE: Yes, a little more awesome. I have been practicing. I have had more experience.

40something: What’s the almost all amount of BBCs you’ve had at one time?
TRIXIE: I actually have not had multiple BBCs. Yet.

40 something: U said “yet.” It’s on the agenda?
TRIXIE: Definitely. It is very high up on my list of dreams to have two dark studs at the same time.

40something: Ok, so Cali Houston came to our studio 1st. And then that babe called u up and told to you…
TRIXIE: “Hey, I’ve got a proposition for u. Smth you might be interested in doing.” So she said let us do dinner and we’ll talk about it. And we met for dinner and this babe started telling me about how much fun it was and that babe thought I’d adore it, and we started taking some images and sending them in.

Fourty something: You know, we have detected that a lot of swingers’ are very private but some like being here. What do u think the difference is betwixt u and other swinger couples who wouldn’t come here? Would u encourage them to?
TRIXIE: It is their preference. Everybody’s different. Some people have certain couples they swing with and don’t wanna mix it in with anybody else, so that’s their choice. But they’re missing out! Cali was right about this!

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Tatum Bailey – Dirty Little Secret

Ribald Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret

Despite all the perks that Tatum receives by house-sitting her aunt’s pad, it can get boring being all alone in someone else’s place love that. And when Tatum acquires bored, this babe acquires concupiscent. But it is not stiff for this sweet blond to identify someone to alleviate her boredom by giving her a jock to play with. Now instead of staring at the ceiling she’s staring down the shaft of a prick as it enters her throat. “The great thing about banging in somebody else’s abode is that I can be as loud as I wish,” Tatum unveils. “I adore to be so loud that the neighbors hear and wonder what the hell is going on.” In this scene, there is not much wondering to do as that babe screams that she urges her slit drilled. “And having sex in another house gives you a lot of good memories for when you come back to visit. Like when I see their bed, all I’ll think about is how I got my juices all over it. It’s a filthy little secret.”

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Emy Diaz – What’s “Fuck” In Spanish?

What’s “Fuck” In Spanish?


Youthful Emy is trying her paramount to bring her spouse up to speed on their Spanish language studies a day ahead of a big test, but he is finding it real rigid to concentrate on the subject. He’d rather study her billibongs and cunt up close, and she’d just as pretty soon suck his knob and ride it. So the study buddies become fuck buddies, and to hell with the test! Cramming for Spanish quickly becomes cunt-cramming. Sex is an international language that anyone can understand. Emy talks obscene in Spanish while she’s getting reamed, but who gives a fuck what she’s saying? You can bet the words will not be on the test!

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Pansy – She’s ready to go!

This babe is ready to go!

She's ready to go!

Lives: Montreal, Canada; Occupation: Waitress; Age: Thirty; Born: August 19; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Briefs; Anal: Of course; BJs: Like salty sperm; Diddle: Adore my toys.

“I’m always flamboyant and risque and I like it when dudes check me out,” said Pansy. “So when the woman chaser I’m banging now–we’re not dating, just fucking a lot–showed me the web page one night, I told him that I wanted in. I swear his wang got bigger than I’d seen it before and that gent drilled me like kooky. When he reads the copy he’ll watch that my friend and I (he’ll know who I mean) urge a trio with him. It will be a 1st for us girls. I love slow sex with tons of breaks. I’ll cum once or twice if we have done oral-job first. Finish me off doggie style–fast and hard–till I cum anew, then fetch out and bang my ass till you cum. That’s an A1 shag!”

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Sydni Lane – From big tease to first anal fuck in just four months

From bigger in size than average tanalise to 1st anal copulate in just four months

From big tease to first anal fuck in just four months

The following progression plan isn’t recommended for all 60Plus M.I.L.F.S.. It is, however, the one followed by 61-year-old Sydni Lane.

1. October 2012. Visits our studio for the first time. Is a little unsure about how hot she urges to go. Urges to receive the lay of the land previous to becoming the lay of the land, so to speak. Does her first-ever clip, “The Bigger than typical Warmup,” in which that babe unveils off her whole body. Acquires on her hands and knees and fingers her asshole whilst frigging her pussy. Tells us this babe is into anal invasion.

TWO. November 2012. Returns to our studio. This time, she is willing to fuck. Tells us about her first time, “It was my first time shooting, so I wanted to watch what it was all about. But when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I said, ‘Sure!'” So bonk that babe did. And engulf!

THREE. January 2013. “This is my first time on-camera getting screwed in the arse! I can not expect!” Sydni tells us. And when it’s all over, when her 61-year-old ass has been drilled each which way, Sydni (lying on her back, legs spread), tells us “Wonderful experience!”

Four months. From widening to getting ass-fucked. Did not take lengthy, did it? And this babe was worth the wait, wasn’t this babe? Sometimes, it pays to be patient.

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Jemini Jordan – Big-assed Lady Truck Driver Loves Gang Bangs

Bigger in size than standard bootied Female Lorry Driver Loves Gang Bangs

Big-assed Lady MPV Driver Likes Gang Bangs

Jemini wishes to know, “Are you guy sufficient for me?” And not just dude sufficient to handle her 46-inch gazoo, which is a lot of cushion for the push-in. Dude sufficient to handle a domme who’s into gang bangs and sex in public places. Dude enough for a lady who drives a lorry for a living and can handle a bigger than standard rig.

“Now that I have done my first porn scene, I have had almost any of my fantasies fulfilled,” Jemini said. Majority but not all. “I still wanna become a member of the Mile-High Exotic dancing club.” Can u imagine fucking that big arse in an airplane biffy?

Jemini was born in Colorado and lives in Texas. She had her 1st gang group sex at a swinger married couples party in Kansas Town. She’s had many more since then. Yep, that babe has had sex in the cab of her van. Yes, this babe is happily married. And although this babe has lots of sex, this babe usually waits for the man to make the first move.

“Of course, I send out signals, but it usually doesn’t take the guy lengthy to make his move,” she told. “I do not dress in sexually excited alluring clothes. I am a jeans and T-shirts goddess. But I appear to be to have a sexual aura about me.”

That babe is a lotta female. Can u handle her?

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Kelsey Roberts – The Low Blow

The Low Blow

The Low Blow

She is a sexy, young fight fan who adores Mike Tyson, and that babe urges to learn the basics of boxing for self-defense. So a ally sends her to a gent who knows his way around the ring to teach her the basics. She puts the gloves on and they initiate talking about basic moves, but she pretty soon brings her instructor to his knees with a great jab to his balls. Naturally, the only way to make him feel more nice and restore feeling to his wang is to engulf it and then ride it hard. Who needs to trade blows when you can copulate?

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