Introducing a brand-new MILF

Introducing a brand-new MILF

Introducing a brand-new MILF

“Would the people I know be surprised to see me here?” said Nina Lakes, a 43-year-old divorcee and mother of two from Atlanta, Georgia. “Yes and no. I used to be a stripper and I have an indecent past.”

Indecent meaning very decent. As for her present, Nina, who was born in Ohio, is an escort.

“I see men mostly,” she said. “They pay me for my time. It depends on what they want. Some guys just want to go to dinner. Some want a more-intimate connection. It just depends.”

This week, for much less than the price of a session with Nina, you’re getting the intimate connection. Today, Nina shows off her hot body and makes herself cum on-camera for the first time. And Thursday, not only will she fuck on-camera for the first time; she’s going to get fucked in her pretty little ass.

By the way, you know the old saying about divorcees being hot to trot? Nina got divorced last April, started escorting in May and came to Miami, Florida to shoot for us just last week. She isn’t wasting any time.

We asked Nina if she’s ever been called a MILF.

“Yes,” she said, “and I never knew what it was for the longest time. I eventually caught on. I had to ask someone.”

She’s noticing that guys like her more the older she gets.

“I love it. Forty is the new 20.”

It is when the 40something woman looks like Nina.

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By George, she’s fucking herself!

By George, she’s fucking herself!

By George, she's fucking herself!

“This is a little toy that my husband bought for me,” 60-year-old wife, mother and granny Cammille Austin says. “I call him George. He’s quite useful, especially if your husband’s gone and you’re lonely. He works very, very good.”

She puts him aside for a little while to show us her tits. They look very nice. They’re big, round, fake tits with pierced nipples. She self-sucks her piercings, pulling on her nipples, then she reaches down to show you her pussy, which is also pierced (and shaved). She bends over and spreads her ass, giving us a peek at her butthole.

Then it’s George’s turn. Cammille sucks George and puts him under her so she can bounce on top of him. George is one lucky toy! She uses the handle on her funky contraption to fuck her cunt as deeply as possible. She cums a few times and turns around so George can fuck her from behind.

If there’s an afterlife, we want to come back as George.

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Jan 19, 2021


All natural mama Gloria wants to show off the bush that she’s oh so proud of. To do that, she has to slip out of her office attire, including her bra and thong and fishnet stockings. By the time she’s nude, this newcomer’s cunt is already nice and wet in anticipation of a good time.

Beth McKenna is back for more!

Beth McKenna is back for more!

Beth McKenna is back for more!

Beth McKenna, a tall, long-legged, 52-year-old wife from Mississippi, returns for another week of action at Today, sexy Mrs. McKenna, wearing a garter belt and stockings, toys her hairy pussy. Later in the week, she’ll suck and fuck her step-son.

We asked Beth about her first experience here, and this is what she had to say.

50Plus MILFs: Did you see the scenes you shot the first time you were here?

Beth: I did.

50Plus MILFs: Who’d you watch them with?

Beth: I watched them by myself.

50Plus MILFs: What did you think about them?

Beth: I liked them. I thought they were sexy and well done. I thought the editing was well done as well.

50Plus MILFs: Have you had sex while watching your scenes?

Beth: No. I tend to watch my scenes not for sexual gratification but for research and to improve my scenes in the future. Watching myself on-camera is not a sexual experience for me, but it is enjoyable when I feel I’ve done well in that scene.

50Plus MILFs: Has shooting your first scenes with us changed you?

Beth: I don’t think so. I am still humble. I still want to work and I continue to enjoy what I do. I learned a lot shooting with you.

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Meet Kim Kreme

Meet Kim Kreme

Meet Kim Kreme

In her first-ever scene, 41-year-old wife and mom Kim Kreme strips out of sexy lingerie, spreads her shapely legs wide and fucks herself with a big dildo while she sucks on another fake cock. She moans because she cums a lot. This is Kim’s week at On Thursday, she’ll suck and fuck real cock on-camera for the first time.

“My family and friends would definitely be surprised to see me here,” Kim said. “I’m usually conservative around people I know.”

Kim was born in the Philippines and lives in North Carolina. She enjoys cooking, gardening and exercising. We can tell. Kim is only 4’9″ tall, and she has a cute little ass to go along with her perky tits. She has been a waitress and has worked at a women’s spa and in a clothing factory. And now she’s doing this, which beats all of those jobs hands-down. But as we like to say, modeling for isn’t a job. It’s an adventure.

Kim’s perfect day: “Go to the beach then out for dinner and then back to the bedroom for great sex.”

She also told us, “I dress sexy. I like to show my body. I work hard to stay fit.”

It shows.

Although Kim calls herself conservative, she and her husband are swingers. She’s had sex with two men at the same time. Her fantasy is for a cute, young guy to seduce her.

In her scene later this week, she’s going to seduce a young guy. Works for us.

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A Brazilian babe.

A Brazilian babe.

A Brazilian babe.

“Yeah, I’m one of those wannabe actresses who came to Los Angeles to make it big,” said Nikki. “I’m realistic enough to know that I’m not gonna make it: three crowd scene parts in a year is not a career. So I’m saving up to go back to Brazil. My family left there when I was 12. I’ve got relatives there who have some great job opportunities for me.

“To be honest, I’m sick of all the LA-lifestyle bullshit. Rio is just as good. The guy I’m sleeping with told me about NN and offered to take pictures for me to send in,” said Nikki. “We don’t tell our mutual friends that we’re dating because pretty much all we do is get together to fuck, with an occasional meal out now and then. I decided to pose for him so that if I can’t be a movie star, I can at least be a jacked-over magazine and website star. I love being in front of cameras; I don’t care whether they shoot video or stills. And I loved taking my clothes off and getting naughty for strangers to enjoy.”

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Can Minka handle The Fuck Machine?

Can Minka handle The Fuck Machine?

Can Minka handle The Fuck Machine?

Minka is the #1 Asian tit queen on the planet. The big-tit experts are all in agreement, including comedian Adam Carolla, who once interviewed Minka for his Loveline radio show. Over the years, whenever another girl would try to get as busty as her, Minka would simply super-size her rack. They’re now KK-cups. When Minka’s bra fitter saw Minka’s tits after one of her early tit expansions in 1999, the woman nearly fainted.

Minka was 59 when these photos were taken. She lives in Las Vegas. She has used every kind of sex toy at photo shoots, girl-girls and bachelor parties, from vibrators and dildos to butt plugs and anal beads, but even she did a double take when she eyed The Fuck Machine for the first time.

The thing with Minka is that big tits does not equal big pussy. So some of the studs we’ve given her to fuck at SCORELAND and have had to hold back from cumming because Minka’s tight cunt was squeezing their rods.

“One said, ‘Minka, your pussy is so tight!'” she said. “The smallest guy I fucked at SCORELAND had seven inches. I couldn’t believe how big his dick felt.”

In these photos, Minka is able to get a few inches of the monster dildo attached to the fuck machine into her pussy, and she rubbed her engorged clit while it pumped her pussy, the way she does when she’s getting pumped by a flesh and blood cock.

But what guys really want to do is fuck her tits.

“Some guys just look at my tits and before they even put it in there, they cum,” she said. “No titty fucking. Just watching. And sometimes if they are fucking my boobies, one minute, two minutes, sayonara, that’s it! They cum all over my boobies!”

Amazing. The woman has been at it for over 25 years and she still has the magic. This past September, she became a 60Plus MILF. We look forward to having her back again.

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