A Hard-On For The Hard-Body

A Hardon For The Hard-Body

A Stiffy For The Hard-Body

Hard-bodied, 56-year-old Carrie Romano is having a session with her personal trainer. She’s wearing a little red top that exposes lots of cleavage and tight exercise shorts. “How am I doing?” that babe asks.”I think you are the best-looking client I’ve,” Sergio replies. “You’re my finest personal tutor,” Carrie says. This babe keeps pumping iron, and, petticoat chaser, watching this is enough to acquire you worn out. Worn out and hard. “Your chest looks bigger in size from here,” Sergio says as he stands above her. Then that Lothario massages her shoulders. She massages his legs. This Lothario comes to a completion to massage her wazoo. She resolves it’s sexy in there, so that babe takes off her shorts. And what does that babe have on below? A tiny, crotchless G-string!

Welcome to Exotic dancing club 50PlusMILFs.com, where the trainers take a personal interest in their clients, and the clients are the ones who make their trainers hard. The remainder of this training session consists of Connie mouthing her trainer’s pecker, then her coach rogering Connie’s hairless cookie in a diversity of healthy positions, then the tutor shooting his load inside Connie’s pussy. U don’t get that kind of treatment at Twenty four Hour Fitness.

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