Alyssa Bradentine – Alyssa’s Anal Craving

Alyssa’s Anal Lust

Alyssa's Anal Craving

Alyssa’s got a secret. She wants anal more than almost any angels craze vagina sex. “I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that I have two fuckable holes,” that babe told us. “I figured that I might as well savour the one and the other of ’em to their fullest extent! I’ve been having anal-copulation now for a lengthy time and it is not quite as lovely to me as having a knob in my cunt. I mean, they’re absolutely different. My cunt is more immediately pleasant, but if I’m cumming from anal-copulation, I know that I have deserved it more and it feels so much more intense. It’s kind of the way that cuties tell boys to slow down coz they don’t wish to cum immediately. Lads don’t get that. They just wanna shag until they blast, which is phat, too. I like to pace myself, so a boy going back and forth from my vagina to my arse is always a sure fire way to drive me absolutely avid in the bedroom.”

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