Amanda Verhooks – Hard-bodied hottie

Hard-bodied cutie

Hard-bodied hottie

“I have sex 10 times a week,” said 49-year-old Amanda Verhooks from Fort Myers, Florida. “I did a 30-year-old this summer. This guy had a humongous weenie. This gent and my boyfriend gang drilled me.”

There isn’t a coyness bone in Amanda’s body (unless you are coy and you’ve your bone in her body). When she got fucked at, that babe said her big-dicked ladies man, “Make me fuckin’ take it,” and “Fuck me harder, baby. Pound me with that big fucking dick” and then, “I urge your fuckin’ cum. I wanna be overspread in cum, baby. I want to be your cum whore.”

Told Amanda, “These photos are good, but I didn’t come here to take images by myself. I came here to get as much porn dick as I could receive. And in case you don’t ask, yeah, I’ll take a fuckin’ dong in my wazoo.”

We asked. But for now, u have this smokin’ hot divorcee all to yourself.

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