Amy – First-timer Amy wants some action. She gets it.

First-timer Amy desires some action. This babe gets it.

First-timer Amy wants some action. She receives it.

As modern babes go, Amy is a little old-fashioned. That babe doesn’t have Twitter or Facebook accounts. That babe works in an office. She’s a Mother. Her idea of a fine time is painting or taking her dog for lengthy walks. A sunny afternoon spent drinking coffee and dinner dates sound fine to her.

And, yet, here she’s here at, mouthing and screwing the schlong of a man that babe just met. Yep, Amy is 53 years mature and kind of traditional, but that babe knows how to have some fun. Or, as she says to her boy when they get back from seeing an action movie scene, “Now it is time for my kind of act.”

Amy lives just outdoors of London, United Realm. She was referred to us by 50PlusMILF Molly Maracas. She wants to tour more. We’d say she’s going places. She’s not a swinger or a nudist. This babe likes “nice, youthful dudes with big jocks.” This babe has sex at least twice a week but considers herself sexually passive.

We asked Amy if this babe loves to be viewed whilst having sex, and she told, “I don’t love most of all it, but I do not mind if somebody watches.”

That’s supposed to mean us.

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