Bethany fucks her daughter’s boyfriends

Bethany screws her daughter’s boyfriends

Bethany copulates her daughter's boyfriends

Juan and Ivan are standing by the door, and they’re kind of wondering…what the hell is going on here?

“What’s up, lady-killer?” Juan says.

“No much,” Ivan says. “What are u doing here? Did not u break up with Stephanie?”

“Yeah, I did. I’m here to watch her Mama. She called me over.”

“Are you for real? She called me over, also.”

Ms. James answers the door wearing a robe.

“Hi, fellows,” Bethany says. “Betcha wonder why I asked you here? Well, do not just stand there. Come on in.”

The lads sit on the sofa. They’re nervous. What IS going on here?

“I guess you are wondering why you are both here,” Bethany says, standing in front of ’em.

The fellows are alarmed. Did they knock up Bethany‘s daughter? Uh-oh. Mom’s bonkers!

“Would you fellows relax?” Bethany says. “My daughter’s not pregnant. This babe might be a fuckin’ tramp, but she is certainly not preggy. She’s out rogering her recent spouse. You’re here ‘coz of me.”

Are they in a predicament?

“Oh, no,” Bethany says. “Consider this your fortunate day.”

She takes off her robe to unveil her hot body. Her breasts are on reveal. Her long legs are in nylons. This IS their fortunate day.

“You boyz used to fight over my daughter,” Bethany says. “But now u have to share me.”

Hmmmm…daughter’s a fuckin’ tramp. Wonder where she got that from?

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