Busty Dee Dee’s fuck buddy

Busty Dee Dee’s fuck buddy

Busty Dee Dee's fuck buddy

“I’m into cock and ball worship,” 51-year-old Dee Dee Deluxx said. “I’ll fill my mouth with balls like a guy sucks on a nipple”

Dee Dee, who has huge tits, worships her stud’s cock and balls in this scene before he has at her pussy.

“Dee Dee’s pussy was really tight, like an 18-year-old’s,” he said. “I was impressed. She was wet from the start. She didn’t need any lube.”

The idea of this scene is that Dee Dee’s girlfriend has sent over a stud to fuck her while her husband is out of the house. When Dee Dee answers the door, the dude’s eyes zero in on her huge rack. She zeroes in on his cock.

“I love fucking in front of the camera,” Dee Dee said. “I love the idea of men jacking off while they watch me fuck. I like the idea of a circle jerk. Lots of guys jerking off on me, shooting their gooey cum all over my big tits. Hey, I don’t have these big tits just for looks, fellas. I want you to enjoy them. I want you to tell me what your fantasy is. I’ll fulfill it.”

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Cashmere’s toy time

Cashmere’s toy time

Cashmere's toy time

60-year-old divorcee and mom Cashmere looks very elegant. She’s wearing a fancy dress, but then the dress comes off and Cashmere fucks herself with a toy.

Here’s more from our interview with this brunette beauty.

60PlusMILFs: You told us that you’re a swinger. When you’ve been swinging, have you ever run into people you know from your regular life?

Cashmere: No, but there’s this couple that throws some bigger parties, and they happened to be really close neighbors in the neighborhood that I lived in for 20something years, and I was like, “That was my neighborhood. That was where I lived.” That was a little freaky. And I met a couple that lives a street away from me now, and I keep thinking I’m going to run into them at the grocery store. You don’t know who these people are. They could be your next-door neighbors.

60PlusMILFs: How did you end up at 60PlusMILFs?

Cashmere: A man saw my swinging profile online and thought I would be good for this, so I met him for some photographs, and one thing led to another, and here I am!

60PlusMILFs: What was your first thought when he proposed the idea to you?

Cashmere: Well, my first thought was, “This is fake and I don’t even know you and you’re just trying to get to me.” But then we started emailing and he said his wife had done this, and he sent a link to look at her videos.

60PlusMILFs: And she was…

Cashmere: Leah L’Amour! And I did some more searching and I said to him, “Okay, what do I have to do?” And he gave me the synopsis of the whole process, and then I met an amateur photographer who took some test shots, and it was really great. I was very nervous, but he was very, very nice. Nothing other than photos, and he submitted them for me, and the very next day, I got an email from you.

60PlusMILFs: How did you feel when you got that email?

Cashmere: I didn’t think it would happen so fast. I woke up to the email the very next day, and a day and a half after I spoke to your person on the phone, I got an offer to fly out.

60PlusMILFs: How did you feel when you got on the plane?

Cashmere: I was very, very nervous, but the man who took my pictures had said to me, “You will be more comfortable with these people than you were with me.” He put me at ease, but, of course, I was very nervous, but everyone here made me feel comfortable and sexy. It’s been a really good experience.

60PlusMILFs: How’s the sex?

Cashmere: The sex is great!

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Bath time with Jynn

Bath time with Jynn

Bath time with Jynn

The last time we saw Jynn, a 50-year-old wife and mom from Michigan, she was breaking her porno cherry with the very helpful assistance of Alby Daor (her best friend) and a young stud.

This week, in her return to 50PlusMILFs.com, Jynn has the stage to herself. Well, almost to herself.

Today: solo photos and video of Jynn taking a bath, oiling her body, getting it all wet and fucking herself with toys.

Thursday: She sucks and fucks a 20-year-old’s big, black cock. That’s the “almost to herself” part.

“I fantasize about being an exhibitionist and having sex in public places,” Jynn said. “I love the thought that someone is watching or can see me. I masturbate multiple times a day. I use a powerful vibrator. His name is Jose. I love to fantasize about being a dirty whore. I even yell ‘I am a dirty whore!’ when I cum.”

Here, Jynn is not a dirty whore. She’s very clean. And although she doesn’t yell “I am a dirty whore” when she cums, she does cum hard and loud.

More about Jynn:

She used to be a gymnastics coach. She isn’t a sports fan. She enjoys trail riding, rollerblading, swimming, running and mountain climbing. She told us, “The people I know would be shocked to see me here. Most people would not think that I’d have the courage to get naked, have sex and cum on-camera.”

She’s a swinger and a nudist. And when we asked her what she finds sexy, she said, “I find a sarcastic sense of humor sexy and someone who can make me laugh. Someone who can take charge and make decisions is a turn-on.”

We just decided to take charge of our cocks and cum. Does that count?

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A great body and a gaping pussy

A great body and a gaping pussy

A great body and a gaping pussy

Kenzi Foxx is a 50-year-old mother of three, and, really, that’s mindboggling. Her body is incredible: big, fake tits with pierced nipples, a flat stomach, long legs and a great ass. She’s wearing lingerie that covers absolutely none of her rack, sexy stockings over her long legs, a garter belt and fuck shoes. She shows off every inch of her beautiful body today in her return to 50PlusMILFs.com, but we have to admit: the focus is almost always on her pink, gaping pussy, big clit and asshole.

“I want to feel your cock in my pussy,” she says.

Lucky lady, she’s going to get a big, black cock in her pussy and asshole later this week. Lucky guy, that’s for sure. But today, we have Kenzi all to ourselves.

We were absolutely not surprised when Kenzi told us she has been a personal trainer and an aerobics instructor. Her body is that hot. She’s also been a bartender, a waitress and a nurse.

“I’ve been a swinger for a couple of years,” said Kenzi, who’s from Brooklyn, New York. “I started out in BDSM and expanded to being shared at parties. One time, there was a line of guys waiting their turn and I started sucking this guy’s cock while someone else was fucking me, and his wife started instructing me on how to suck his cock. The direction she was giving me was really hot.”

Kenzi is married. She says the people who know her in her vanilla life would be shocked to see her here.

“I come off as innocent and naive,” she said. “But close friends would not be surprised at all.”

Her fetish: “I love my ass fucked and played with, if that’s a fetish.”

She can call it whatever she wants.

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Beau’s cock rehab

Beau’s shlong rehab

Beau's wang rehab

“I love sex,” told Beau Diamonds, a 51-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother from West Midlands, England. “I have sex as much as possible.”

As much as possible? Beau can have sex whenever she wants it. That babe is a gracious Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK with lengthy, flowing red hair, bigger in size than typical pantoons and a curvy body. In this shag scene, her second screw at 50PlusMILFs.com, Beau is a rehab nurse who has been sent to Don’s home to take care of his arm damage. That babe takes care of him alright! First that babe places his hands on her mangos then she pushes her bumpers in his mouth, and that lady-killer can’t live without engulfing on them. U would, also. Beau gives him a deep, luscious, lascivious oral-service to get his pecker ready for her twat.

Beau is short ‘n’ stacked: five-feet tall, DD-cup wobblers. This babe has green eyes, if you haven’t noticed. That babe told us, “I have run and completed a number of half-marathons and one full marathon. I adore taking my dog on lengthy walks to unwind, especially on the beach. I adore spending time with my family, so a day out with my family is always flawless. At night, I like to go for cocktails and dance to ’80s music at a nightclub.”

Panties: “I usually wear straps.”

Clothing: “If it’s for a night out, then I like to wear a hawt costume so all the lads notice me. Other times, I adore to dress fashionably.”

How often she has sex: “As often as possible.”

What satisfies her best: “A bigger than average, thick penis.”

She acquires one this day.

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Beau knows what you want

Beau knows what you wish

Beau knows what u want

Beau Diamonds, a 51-year-old wife, Mamma and grandmother from West Midlands, United Kingdom, is a devil and a temptress in a blue suit in her return to 50PlusMILFs.com. Beneath that blue dress, this babe is wearing blue, chic undergarment and briefs, stockings and a garter thong and blue fuck-me pumps.

“You can’t receive enough of my lovely, sexy HORNY HOUSEWIFE body,” Beau says in her hot British accent. “I acquire so lascivious when I know you are watching me.”

Beau continues to expose off her hot body–big fullsome funbags, buxom legs–before turning around, grabbing her wazoo cheeks and widening wide to give us closeup views of her very fuckable cunt and asshole. When that babe screws herself with a bigger in size than typical toy, the views acquire even more private.

And later this week, Beau is intend to copulate a hung smooth operator. So when Beau says we can’t get sufficient of her, she’s not teasing. This babe is lovely and giving us what we desire.

Beau said us, “I love to take my dog on lengthy walks, especially on the beach.” Fortunate dog.

That babe likewise said, “I have done swinging with my partner. The wildest occasion was my first time when I had sex with four bucks and a gal. I haven’t tried being a nudist yet.

Fetishes: “I love a little thrashing. I likewise adore accents.”

Raunchy fantasy: “To be locked in a room with a rugby team.”

How often does that babe have sex? “As often as possible.”

We asked her if this babe is sexually assured or passive.

“I’m confident,” this babe told. “I know what I desire.”

We know what we urge, too: more of Beau.

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Blair. Just Blair.

Blair. Just Blair.

Blair. Just Blair.

In her return to 60PlusMILFs.com, 67-year-old Blair Angeles puts on a show just for u. That babe gets in nature’s garb then rubs her cunt to a sensual cum. Blair obviously enjoys herself. You will, likewise.

Blair was born in Los Angeles and lives in Philadelphia. She is a divorcee, a Mama of 2 and a grandmother of two. Now let us detect out more about her.

60PlusMILFs.com: Blair, u look great.

Blair: Thank’s. I try to take care of myself. I’ve worthwhile genes, too.

60PlusMILFs.com: What are your hobbies?

Blair: That is an gracious thing to ask me coz there are so many things I do well in the arts. I write awesome poetry. I’m working on a book right now, and I likewise play piano and sing jazz as well as play tennis, backgammon, chess, canasta. I like sports, so I am effortless to be a gal pal. I like to check out sports on TV, especially ice hockey and football.

60PlusMILFs.com: You are adore a renaissance mastix.

Blair: I am. My Mamma is Italian aristocracy. My father is from Italy, and they’re farmers, so I have the superlatively precious of both worlds: culture and a knowledge of political things plus a feel for the earth. It is very important to have the one and the other things in your life.

60PlusMILFs.com: Have you had any kinky encounters in any of the countries you have traveled to?

Blair: In those countries, no, ‘coz almost all of the time I was married, but in my town where I live, yes, I was out to dinner with an magnificant juvenile chap. That lady-killer was younger than I was. And I asked to be excused to go to the ladies room, and unbeknownst to me, this lady-killer followed me to the ladies room, and this chab was awaiting outside the door, and that petticoat chaser burst in the door and we had sex on the floor. That was bizarre! It was a actually fine restaurant, also.

60PlusMILFs.com: Are you into younger fellows?

Blair: I like dudes of any age. I have been favourable to have a smorgasbord of bucks.

60PlusMILFs.com: Would u be surprised to hear that the aged you’re, the more we love you?

Blair: That’s surprising to me cuz in our culture, there’s such a tendency in advertising to show the younger, thinner beauties with their hair flowing and being consummate, and life just isn’t love that. I suppose almost all dudes are put off by that coz it’s likewise flawless, and they don’t desire somebody who’s too flawless because they can not discover with their human nature. And dish comes from within. If you’re captivating on the inside, it comes out.

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