Florida Girl

Florida Angel

Florida Girl

“I think that I’m your run of the mill Florida hotty,” covergirl Riley told us. “Having enjoyment, partying, gonna music festivals-that’s what I am all about. Now that I’m 21 and can go to bars, it’s love a whole other world has opened up for me. Tampa has a ton of disrobe clubs and I love going there to view the gals dance! I debated doing an non-professional set one time or twice, but I am kind of a clutz!

“I’m a total spaz when it comes to go out with. I try to action ladylike, but then I’ll end up having also many drinks, and I’ll commence making actually bad jokes. But, I sometimes put out on the 1st date, so that makes up for it, right?

“I’m much more comfortable when I’m undressed. I think my local pizza place has me marked in their system as a nudist. Whenever I get a delivery, the boys are there within fifteen minutes.”

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