Heidi – Newcomer Heidi fucks a guy who’s half her age

Newcomer Heidi shags a boy who’s half her age

Newcomer Heidi fucks a boy who's half her age

“My partner and I were teasing every other, and he said he would spank me,” said Heidi, a 51-year-old divorcee, wife and grandmother who was born in Germany and now lives in Ohio. “I asked him this lady-killer and who else? This lady-killer asked me if that was a dare, and I told, ‘Yes, it was.’ This chab fastened me to the ottoman on my stomach blindfolded and let me there alone for about 15 minutes.

“Next thing I knew, I felt a taste on my arse then some other hand on my breast, but the angle wasn’t right. Turns out that smooth operator got an mature friend that lived down the street to come over and lend him a hand. I sucked his friend’s ramrod during the time that my boyfriend screwed me doggy position. My blindfold and restraints remained in place until his ally was gone. I not at all officially met him until a couple weeks later when we played once more with out the blindfold and restraints.”

Heidi is a first-timer at 50PlusMILFs.com, and you should have guessed by now that she is into just about anything. This babe is a swinger. That babe loves getting ass-fucked (and will take a weenie up her gazoo in her next scene). That babe loves to be observed while having sex. That babe can receive her feet behind her head while a cock’s in her pussy. She’s had three-ways with a boy and a beauty.

“I would like to take part in any orgy where all u can watch is body parts, also many people to count,” she said.

Here, there’re two people: 51-year-old Heidi and a 26-year-old petticoat chaser. Heidi’s been going throughout her daughter’s clothing and trying ’em on. Mr. Stud catches her. Heidi resolves to suck his rod and shag him. She’s a sloppy sucker and a noisy fucker. Doesn’t surprise us at all.

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