Lessons From a Master

Lessons From a Taskmaster

Lessons From a Master

A.J. is 19. This babe has the appearance of an hotty, but actually she’s a devil; a bawdy, little devil. A.J. ( 5’7″, 120 lbs., 34B bras) is a student in Long Beach, California who came to Miami to visit an old school ally. But that babe had some other, secret reason for the trip: to screw a SCORE Group Lothario.

“My large brother trashed his porn mags in advance of that buck went to Germany with the Air Force,” this babe said. “But I kept a scarcely any NN and pretty soon decided I wanted to be in it. After go out with a pair of fellows my age and having bad sex with the one and the other of ’em, I decided I needed great sex, with a real ladies man. It’s the old story with 19-year-old boys and sex,” said A.J. “They just wanna receive their dongs into a cum-hole and cum and to hell with the girl. From getting myself off a lot, I knew I could cum, and I figured that real sex had to be a lot better than what I’d experienced. So I set up my bonk session with the gent. I wasn’t at all nervous about it; I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. Jack and I hung out for a whilst previous to the digital camera bucks were ready for us, and Jack was so nifty and so damned hot, that my vagina was already succulent by the time we got together. From then on it was just mind boggling and I’d cum twice previous to we even started fucking.

“I hope all you lads out there savour seeing me receive drilled and acquire off imagining that you’re doing me,” said A.J. “But try to remember that u should always take your time having sex with a beauty, unless that babe is a real hooker. A beauty needs to be warmed up with cuddling and kissing and ram and vagina licking before u initiate doing her. Then this babe should be considered when you’re screwing her: that babe deserves to cum, also! (My god, is this the recent Dr. Ruth talking? Ed.) Banging Jack showed me that sex can be awesome, and I’ll have a really specific souvenir of my Miami travel. The mag with me in it will be way better than a South Beach t-shirt.”

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