Mandy Hudson – Patio Poking

Patio Shoving

Patio Poking

Mandy is 19 years mature, 5’5″, weighs approximately 123 pounds, wears 34B bras and prefers gazoo shorts. Mandy discovered herself wishing for a stiff wang, so this babe called us up and asked if we could give her some hardcore act if that babe took time off from work and drove to Miami from her home in Fort Worth, Texas. You not at any time refuse a redhead who wants to screw…and here she’s.

“I have a very short fuse; I cum in, adore, two minutes when my clit’s being licked,” Mandy said. “I think it surprised Brad when I orgasmed as this petticoat chaser was licking me. Then, one time that first one was with out the way, I came, love, twice more as we were screwing: I did not wait that, either. I love to take it slow when it comes to sex. I’ll do it in any position that the boy urges to try, and I can cum in any position. But when I’m emotionally close to a lad, I like getting into the missionary position and cumming that way so I can look into his eyes as that charmer cums with me. I know that sounds a bit soppy, but I have really spoken about it with some of my friends and they all accede with me. So, boys, if the angel you are screwing urges to go missionary and cum with u, it probably means that that babe is got feelings for u. Be warned. I don’t mind if a dude asks to cum on my face, over my hooters or in my throat. If I’ve already cum, I truly don’t care. But, given the partiality, I would rather that guy came inside me because it feels so damned good. I loved rogering Brad with the cameramen watching us; it made it all the more exciting. Well, there have been a diminutive in number times that I have drilled a dude during the time that my girlfriend and her lad were screwing on the next daybed, so I am not bashful about rogering in front of other people.”

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