Nice & Naughty

Wonderful & Naughty

Nice & Naughty

You look like such a good angel. We were very surprised to see your nipple piercings.
“Why cant a worthwhile gal have teat piercings? It’s joy! But I guess I got ’em ‘coz I do have a little bit of a wild side. I do not have any other tattoos or piercings…just my nipps! My milk sacks are kinda greater than run of the mill so I like the way it looks. And it feels valuable when I play with ’em or when a Lothario sucks on my nipps. Maybe one day I’ll take the piercings out, but I am enjoying them right now.”

You are a natural beauty. We noticed u don’t wear any makeup.
“Nope. I do not wear makeup, except for peculiar occasions, and I don’t dye my hair. I just do not feel love I need to wear makeup. My skin is charming nice, and I suppose I look more priceless without it. I at not time acquire to worry about a woman chaser seeing me out of makeup the next morning and not liking the way I look. The only thing I wear on my face is cum…sometimes. [Laughs] Those are the kind of facial cumshots I am used to getting. Maybe that is why my skin is so nice! Either way, I savour a wonderful load on my face hole and chin.”

You have a pretty slit. Do bucks ever tell you that?
“I’ve heard that it’s gorgeous. Sometimes I view it in the mirror, and yep, I’ve to assent that it looks admirable. I adore my little, dunky lips. I have also been told that it tastes worthwhile. From what I’ve noticed the smack changes depending on how concupiscent I am. Like when a boy begins fingering me and I suck his fingers it tastes tangy. But then once I’ve cum, maybe from oral-sex or smth, it tastes lovely. Fellows have told me this, and I have tasted myself on their lips in advance of. It’d be kind of phat if I could eat my own snatch.”

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