Can Minka handle The Fuck Machine?

Can Minka handle The Fuck Machine?

Can Minka handle The Fuck Machine?

Minka is the #1 Asian tit queen on the planet. The big-tit experts are all in agreement, including comedian Adam Carolla, who once interviewed Minka for his Loveline radio show. Over the years, whenever another girl would try to get as busty as her, Minka would simply super-size her rack. They’re now KK-cups. When Minka’s bra fitter saw Minka’s tits after one of her early tit expansions in 1999, the woman nearly fainted.

Minka was 59 when these photos were taken. She lives in Las Vegas. She has used every kind of sex toy at photo shoots, girl-girls and bachelor parties, from vibrators and dildos to butt plugs and anal beads, but even she did a double take when she eyed The Fuck Machine for the first time.

The thing with Minka is that big tits does not equal big pussy. So some of the studs we’ve given her to fuck at SCORELAND and have had to hold back from cumming because Minka’s tight cunt was squeezing their rods.

“One said, ‘Minka, your pussy is so tight!'” she said. “The smallest guy I fucked at SCORELAND had seven inches. I couldn’t believe how big his dick felt.”

In these photos, Minka is able to get a few inches of the monster dildo attached to the fuck machine into her pussy, and she rubbed her engorged clit while it pumped her pussy, the way she does when she’s getting pumped by a flesh and blood cock.

But what guys really want to do is fuck her tits.

“Some guys just look at my tits and before they even put it in there, they cum,” she said. “No titty fucking. Just watching. And sometimes if they are fucking my boobies, one minute, two minutes, sayonara, that’s it! They cum all over my boobies!”

Amazing. The woman has been at it for over 25 years and she still has the magic. This past September, she became a 60Plus MILF. We look forward to having her back again.

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A brand-new Maggie Green tits, ass and pussy show

A brand-new Maggie Green tits, ass and pussy show

A brand-new Maggie Green tits, ass and pussy show

We’re pleased to present Maggie Green, a 43-year-old beauty who has been a big-boobed star since the late 2000s. Today, Maggie is going to put on a little show for you. She’s going to take her G-cup natural tits out of her bra, show off her ass and lie back and finger her pussy.

And later this week, Maggie is going to suck and fuck cock for your viewing pleasure. Those of you who know Maggie’s story are aware of how special that is.

Back in 2009, when she shot her first sets for SCORE and SCORELAND, Maggie was a fresh-faced Internet sensation from California who was happy to show off her tits and ass on-camera but did not show or spread her pussy.

“Obviously I’m not bothered by taking my clothes off in front of people,” Maggie told us at the time. “That’s never bothered me. My mom used to get mad when I would change my clothes without shutting the blinds. I’m like, ‘I really don’t care who sees me naked,’ and it can be sort of a turn-on. I know that people look at me naked and like it. It’s hot.”

But how hot would Maggie go? Would she ever show pink?

That question was answered within a matter of months, when Maggie returned to our studio and fucked herself with a dildo. Then big-titted porn star Daphne Rosen fucked her with a strap-on dildo in the movie Boob Science. In 2011, Maggie and busty natural Angela White teamed up for hot girly lovin’ and directed their attention on one lucky bastard who got to fuck Angela but not Maggie. The same week, Maggie got her hands and boobs on that same lucky bastard’s cock in her first tit-fuck scene.

Finally, in 2012, Maggie went all the way, and since then, it’s as if someone turned on Maggie’s XXX faucet and never turned it off.

“My man loves watching with me, so that’s sexy,” Maggie said back then. “I don’t have sex watching them but I have masturbated to some videos. I’m glad my first scene was for SCORE. Being comfortable made it much more fun and erotic. It’s definitely opened me up more sexually. I realized I love fucking on-cam.”

This week’s photos and videos are brand-new scenes, shot last week in Miami, Florida for Enjoy.

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Naked and amazing

Naked and amazing

Naked and amazing

Lisa Marie Heart is from Phoenix, Arizona. She’s a mother and a grandmother. She’s 60 years old. She used to be a topless dancer.

60Plus MILFs: What got you into dancing?
Lisa Marie: The money. The fun. I really like dancing and teasing men. I went to apply as a waitress.

60Plus MILFs: How old were you?
Lisa Marie: I was in my 30s. I started as a waitress and I wasn’t making enough money, and the girls on-stage looked like they were having lots more fun, so I learned how to dance and became a dancer. I danced for about 10-15 years. Then things started getting really slow, and I realized that all those hot, sexy men I was teasing? I could see them after I got off work. I’d get so turned on at work, so it was more fun to see them outside of work and enjoy every part of them. No bouncers. And I really like sex, so it was perfect.

60Plus MILFs: So when you were dancing and saw a guy looking up at you, really enjoying himself, what would you do?
Lisa Marie: I’d get down on my knees and crawl over to him real slow and give him my seductive eyes. If my top wasn’t off already, I’d take it off. Then I’d tease him and show him my ass and sit on his lap and slowly crawl back on-stage. After I’d do that, they’d always want a lap dance.

60Plus MILFs: Did guys cum from your lap dances?
Lisa Marie: [Laughs] Oh, yeah. I wanted to change my name to The Cuminator, but my manager wouldn’t let me. “No, you can’t be called The Cuminator.” The guys knew I’d make them cum.

60Plus MILFs: Tell us one little trick.
Lisa Marie: I always carried lube, and I’d stick my hand down their pants and get them really hard, and when they’d get turned-on, I’d get turned-on and think, “Oh, if I could only take them home.” They’d usually cum in one dance.

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There’s nothing at all shy about Gloria even though she is brand new to the adult scene. This buxom mama loves lingerie, sheer tops that show off her hard nipples, and clothes that come off easily. Her hairy cooch is nice and slick as her fingers explore all her tender folds.

The world’s bustiest Asian MILF fucks again

The world’s bustiest Asian MILF fucks again

The world's bustiest Asian MILF fucks again

Minka, 59 years old and still the world’s bustiest Asian, is back to suck and fuck. She’s wearing a white bra that shelves her ginormous tits plus panties, stockings and a garter.
Minka stays in incredible shape by playing three to five hours of tennis a day. Yes, she plays tennis with those tits (very well, too).

“I think my dedication comes from tennis,” she said. “I always had to take care of myself. Starting with middle school, I was on my own. In middle school, I got a scholarship. In high school, I got a scholarship. College, I got a scholarship. Nobody was going to help me. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re finished.

“So when I came to the United States [from Korea] in 1994, yeah, I cried a lot. ‘What am I going to do? I cannot find a job.’ When I was little, all I wanted was tennis, but when I came to the United States, I knew I had to take care of myself. And now I have everything. I have a Mercedes. I have a big house. Whatever I want to buy, I can buy. If I want to slow down, I can slow down.

“I want to be on top all the time. I want to be the best. When I play tennis, I want to be on top. I don’t care who you are, I want to kick your ass, and when I got big tits, I wanted to be on top. Some girls thought they were better than me, and maybe they were for a while, but a couple of years later, I was on top. And look now. Everybody from the ’90s is gone, and I’m still here. Who is the top dog? Minka! Doesn’t matter, anything I do, I want to be No. 1.

“When I was at the national games in tennis, the other girls were saying, ‘You are a porn star. How can you play tennis?’ I said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll kick your ass!’ And in the final game, they looked at me like they thought they were better than me. And I killed them all. I fucked them up in their heads. They don’t know how I can move with such big boobs. They say, ‘Amazing! How can she carry that much big tits and run around the tennis court in hot weather, 100 degrees?’ I beat them by using my brain. I make them crazy.

“It was very hot on the tennis court, and my hands would get sweaty, and I would rub my T-shirt. I wasn’t rubbing my nipple. I was rubbing my T-shirt to get my hands dry. But they complained. They said, ‘She’s rubbing her nipples on the tennis court.’ It was making them crazy. And then my partner and I would do chest bumps, and they would complain. So I got suspended. But my opponents were mentally fucked up because they thought I was rubbing my nipples, and that is one way that I beat them.”

In the world of big-titted MILFs, she’s still No. 1.

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Maggie Green is a very good neighbor

Maggie Green is a very good neighbor

Maggie Green is a very good neighbor

In her first fuck scene for, former big-tit SCORELAND star Maggie Green sucks and fucks her new neighbor. Those of you who remember Maggie from her early years of fucking on-camera, around 2012, will notice in the photos and the video that her blow job skills have improved considerably. She swallows the cock down to the root and makes herself gag on it.

“Guys are always telling me I have good dick-sucking lips,” Maggie, who’s 43 years old, said. “I have a really long tongue, too. I love spitting on it and playing with it and shoving it down my throat. It really is fuckin’ fun.”

Today, we find out what it might be like to live next door to Maggie. She goes out to get the mail, dressed in a midriff-revealing, low-cut top that shows off her big naturals and short shorts that hug her ass. Nicky, who’s passing by, loves what he sees, and when Maggie drops a piece of mail, he seizes the opportunity and knocks on her door. She invites him in, and before he knows it, he’s got his cock down her throat.

We asked Maggie what she likes to do for fun (besides gagging on cocks). She said, “I love running, biking, playing with my dog, drinking wine and watching movies, flashing strangers in public, laying on the beach watching hot chicks in bikinis, traveling, dancing and sleeping.”

Of course, Nicky fucks Maggie’s tits. Doing otherwise would be a wasted opportunity.

“I’m built for tit-fucking,” Maggie said. “I like to do it. It’s one of those things that at first, I was like, ‘What the hell?’ but seeing how the guy really gets into it, and I like the noise it makes. I do. It’s hot.”

Just like Maggie.

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Baking up a creampie

Baking up a creampie

Baking up a creampie

Our stud JMac is always ready for some action. Kyler tells him her pussy is still sore from the last time they fucked. JMac says he can make it feel better with some of his special cream.

“What’s a creampie?” she asks.

JMac is happy to show her. But before filling her with cum, he fills her with his big, hard cock. Kyler gets tossed around in some fun positions where we get clear views of his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy like a piston. Kyler is so tiny that JMac’s cock looks like it’s half her size, but she manages to take his full length with no problems. She also gladly takes his full load, squeezing it out of her just-fucked pussy, scooping it up and licking it off her fingers.

After the action she confirmed that she’s now a fan of creampies. “Mmm, they’re delicious. I loved tasting his cum mixed with my pussy juice.”

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