Talented Teen

Accomplished Teen

Talented Teen

Welcome, Alyssa. Why don’t u tell us about your many talents?

“I’ve always been very brawny, playing a lot of sports growing up. And I was also in gymnastics, so I am very supple and can do all kinds of kooky poses. I’m also great at screwing and sucking cock. Being flexible comes in handy when I am having sex. Dudes like it when I do a split over their dongs. I likewise have nice-looking worthwhile stamina, so I am ready for an hour-and-half-long orgy whenever he’s. I can deep-throat, too, which is why I think my blow jobs are so worthwhile. It was tricky to receive the hang of it at first. I gagged a lot. But now I am a skilled.”

Um, there is another talent you are not telling us about, Alyssa.

“Oh, you mean the one about my pink flaps? Yep, I’ve really big pink flaps and I can actually tie ’em in a knot. Nutty, right? I discovered that I can do that ‘coz I’m always playing with them. So one day I was like, ‘Hmm, let
me try something.’ And it worked!”

It too appears to be that you’re talented at putting things in your gazoo.

“Yep! I am a total booty slut. Tongues, fingers, anal beads, gazoo plugs, schlongs…I can take just about everything within reason in my butt. And I do not just take it, I adore it. Anal orgasms are some of the best things you could ever hope to feel. I thought I was going to explode the 1st time I ever came from getting fucked in the arse.”

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